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Name : Diana Veeramootoo Sex : Female Nationality : Mauritians Age : 43 Diagnoses : 1. sequela of Stroke, Secondary epilepsy Date of Admission : Sept. 11th, 201

Posted at 2017-3-22 by Zhangqi

Name : Bhella Resham Singh Sex : Male Nationality : Indian Age : 67Y Diagnoses : 1. Cerebral hemorrhage sequelae 2. Hypertension grade 2, extremely high-risk 3.

Posted at 2017-2-24 by Zhangqi

Name: Zoltan Szegedi Sex: Male Nationality: American Age: 67 Diagnoses: 1. sequela of cerebral infarction 2. Hypertension level 2 3. Hyperlipemia Date of Admiss

Posted at 2016-11-29 by Zhangqi

Name: Alisa Sex: Female Nationality: Canadian Age: 31 Diagnoses: 1. sequelae of Spinal Cord Injury 2. Iron Deficiency Anemia Date of Admission: June 30th, 2016

Posted at 2016-8-31 by Zhangqi

Name: Kashif Zafar Sex: Male Nationality: Pakistani Age: 43 Diagnoses: 1. sequelae of Spinal Cord Injury (Mechanical Ventilation Dependant) 2. Urinary Infection

Posted at 2016-8-29 by Zhangqi

Name: Shumaz Shahid Sex: Male Nationality: Pakistani Age: 29 Diagnosis: sequela of brain injury Date of Admission: May 2, 2016 Treatment hospital/period: Wu Med

Posted at 2016-6-28 by Zhangqi

Name: Emily Sex: Female Nationality: Italian Age: 26 Years Diagnosis : 1. sequela of Stroke(Arteriovenous Malformation of Brain) 2. Anemia(mild) 3. Sinus Bradyc

Posted at 2016-2-29 by Zhangqi

Name: Chris Drummond Sex: Male Country :New Zealand Age: 71 years Diagnosis: 1.sequelae of Cerebral Infarction 2.Mild Anemia 3.Infection of urinary system Date

Posted at 2015-12-10 by Zhangqi

Name: Mike Sex: Male Nationality: American Age: 28 Years Diagnosis: sequelae of Brain Injury Date of Admission: October 23, 2015 Treatment hospital/period: Wu M

Posted at 2015-12-4 by Zhangqi

Name: Mohamed Amin Abdullateef Sex: Male Country: Egypt Age: 32 years Diagnosis: sequela of Spinal Cord Injury Date: Aug 16th, 2015 Days Admitted to Hospital: W

Posted at 2015-9-21 by Zhangqi
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