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The therapy principle is combined autologous stem cells activation treatment with stem cells transplantation. 1.Autologous stem cells activation 1) Compositive medication to activate the sleeping intravital stem cells 2) Make the mature neurons rever

1. A completely new and complicated clinical medical treatment to improve the pathological environment of tissues. 2. To make stem cell locate in lesion area, we use more effective and more safety methods: cell receptor or gene targe theory to induce

Stroke is a leading cause of severe, long-term disability world wide. 50-70% of survivors suffer from a range of symptoms such as weakness, numbness, paralysis, speech difficulties, confusion and other problems. A stroke is an injury to the brain due

Cerebral palsy is usually associated with events that occur before or during birth, but may be acquired during the first few months or years of life as the result of head trauma or infection. Cerebral palsy means brain paralysis, it causes fault deve

A teenager diving into a shallow lake, a young mother in a car accident on her way to work, a collapse of a workmans scaffolding, an elderly woman falling down a flight of stairs- spinal cord injuries can happen to anyone at any time. Going from dail

Lina is an elegant, beautiful woman from UK. She is also one of the patients with retinitis pigmentosa, which she has had for 24 years already. She came to our center for stem cells treatment and was referred to us by a friend. She did not have too m

The busy month of March is over and the weather is gradually improving. Now the temperature is feeling very comfortable. The Willows have become green, and peaches have opened in the hospital, the grass is growing, and it is starting to look like the

Today is one substantial day and one unforgettable day. My patient Ali must leave the hospital. I recall the 78 days which have passed, with Ali here day and night. The intravenous drip engraved in my mind. Ali has accepted two stem cell treatment co

I took the bus this morning and on my way to the hospital, I saw the news from a television. A seven-year-old boy, who lives in Texas in the U.S., lost his legs when he was just 15 months old. Now he does exercises all day with artificial limbs. He i

Today, Hailey finished her second round of stem cell treatment with us and set foot on the journey home with remarkable progress and the blessings form every one of us. In her blog, Miranda, Haileys mother, described her progress in detail. Hailey ha

Miranda is a person I respect, envy, and admire. I feel so lucky to know her, and to have her as a foreign friend. We both still remember the first time we saw each other in the sickroom. When I saw Hailey, with her soft and tender face in bed, she l

May 25, 2009 I took over the case of a 4-month-old baby girl from Croatia, named Tasa. She was diagnosed with hypoxic encephalopathy. She is a normal 4-month old baby who can adapt to the external environment. In the supine position, she can see her

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