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China Stem Cells Medical Center

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China Stem Cells Medical Center

China Stem Cells Medical Center takes the advanced technology as the guide, safety and efficiency for the first norm and provides best quality service to patients at home and abroad.
We promise:
Most advanced medical technology,
most professional medical care
China Stem Cells Medical Center is located in "Yaowang Valley (this name is from a famous doctor in Chinese history) of Fengtai District" with more than one hundred acres of recreational space. The Therapy Center is very close to the World Park which collects many global views together. It is also far away from the crowded and noisy downtown in a clean and relaxing environment. Living in the royal garden buildings, with fresh air and beautiful scenery, patients can relax and concentrate on the systemic treatment they receive. Our aim is to create a worldwide known and famous medical brand, which is respected for its top-advanced stem cell therapy technology.
In 2000, the Peking University Stem Cell Center was funded by the Beijing Unit Wealth Company, the Peking University and the Beijing Medical University Genentech Investing Co. Ltd. During the following 8 years, in cooperation with the China Sino Cells Bio. Co. Ltd., this center launched several state level projects such as 863 ,973 ,211 Project, 985 Project in the stem cell research field, and through these gained support from national government. Based on the research results, we use stem cells for clinical treatment. Our experts treated more than 400 neurology patients until today. In 2008, integrating the clinical and basic research results, China stem Cells Medical Center was founded. We focus on developing a top-ranking international medical brand with the most advanced biotechnology.

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